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Okay everyone! Welcome to my new journal! I redid the layout, the user info, the friends only page, and my introduction post!  I also did a major clean out of my friends list- I only want to get rid of inactive journals so if I have accidentally cut you and you're an active journal, PLEASE let me know!  I want you back!

I'm going through and privating a bunch of old entries.  I want to "start fresh" without actually getting a new journal.  If for some reason you want to look at an old entry of mine, let me know and I'll unlock it.  

I also want to welcome my new friends from the friending memes!  I have my intro post here and I'm excited to get to know you!

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Sometimes I ponder redoing my profile, and then I think about how much coding I'd need to do and then I get lazy. >.>

I really like your new layout, though! :D

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Yes it took me YEARS to redo my layout!

Thank you!

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Looks great, lady!

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thank you!

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Your journal is purdy :3

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YOU are purdy!

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We have matching layouts!! :)

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and matching icons! We're twins!

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I love your journal layout *^^*

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Thank you!!

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Isn't it such an accomplished feeling to tidy up a journal? I was so smug for like a month after I did mine.

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It is so great. I totally feel smug!

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It feels so nice after cleaning everything out, doesn't it?

I look forward to getting to know you!

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It does!

Yay, me too!
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Very nice!

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Thank you!

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love your layout - the picture is so preeetty :)

also hi!

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thank youuu!

and hello!

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I love your new layout! I used to use this one a while back :D LOOVE the sidebar picture ;)

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I love it! And thank you, you have great taste ;)

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Okay, so technically I am an inactive journal, but I still come to my f-list page a lot, and I read all your entries! Just thought I'd let you know ;)

Love you!! <3

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Aww, I love you! I didn't have the heart to defriend you, so I kept you! <3

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I've been thinking about coming back and journaling again, though! I'm friends with my family on Facebook and my mom follows me on Twitter and my sister follows me on Tumblr, so I kinda want a place where I'm family free and can talk about things I don't necessarily want them to see/worry about! Not that there's much, but I just wanna be free! Haha :)

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I would love if you came back, obviously, haha. I DON'T KNOW IF I FOLLOW YOU TUMBLR. DO I FOLLOW YOU ON TUMBLR?!

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I'm littlebeckybee :)

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i'm lachrymouse and i'm following you now!

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I love that we have the option on LJ now to make all entries private. That was one of the best LJ decisions.

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It really, really was!